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About Ruth


• New York University, M.A. in Health and Healing Arts, Specialty in Dance Therapy
• New York University, B.A. Psychology
• California Acupuncture College
• State of California, Licensed in Acupuncture, 1986
• Swedish Institute of Massage, New York City


Ethnic Dance Studies

• African
• Javanese
• Balinese
• Indian
• Middle Eastern
• Japanese Butoh

Dance Studies

Modern Dance with such renowned teachers as

• Alwin Nicholais
• Martha Graham
• Merce Cunningham
• Doris Rudko
• Barbara Dilly
• Ballet bar of Russian ballet Mistress Zena Rommet
• Dance Meditation with Dunya

Energy Studies

• Chi Gong
• Varishmuti
• Tai Chi

Expressive Movement Systems

• Blanche Evans
• Continuum with Emilie Conrad
• Moving Theater kinAesthetics with Camille Maurine
• Daffy Nathanson
• Scott Kelman


• Scaravelli Method with Lisa Cortwright
• Taoist Yoga with Paul Grilley
• Shivananda Yoga
• Himalayan Yoga
• Iyengar Yoga
• Ashtanga Yoga
• Vinyasa Flow
• Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Forest and Ganga White
• Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training with Illyana De Ghendt

Sound Studies

• Don Campbell, The Power of Sound
• Jonathan Goldman, Healing Sounds Intensive
• Fabian Maman, Tama Do


• Kinesiology with Andre Bernard, protégé of Mary Elsworth Todd
• Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Spiritual Teachers

• Adnan Sarhan Sufi Foundation, New Mexico, since 1976
• White Cloud Monastery of Chi Gong, Dr. Wu, Los Angeles

Formal Teaching Positions

• Himalayan Yoga Teacher Training, Los Angeles
• Namaste Yoga Teacher Training, Minneapolis
• Centinela Hospital Oasis Program, Los Angeles

Ongoing Workshop Series

• The Spine is Divine
• The Sound of Dreams
• Between Heaven and Earth

Ruth Gould-Goodman