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Mission of La Madre Yoga

La Madre Yoga

La Madre Yoga offers a body-breath technology which opens deep, visceral connections within each person to the grace, beauty and eternal river of creative potential that is the Mother Energy of the Universe. La Madre Yoga assists people to come into an unmediated relationship with their bodies so they are able to dance with, sing, and express the gentle, ecstatic power of simply being alive. Through its various practices, La Madre Yoga is here to teach us how to sustain relationship with the living portal of the present moment.


La Madre Yoga: Contemporary Shaman Medicine for our Modern Times

“The Door She Walks through is the Birthing Place of Form. Being there requires us to be willing to sustain the experience of Emptiness, Not Knowing, Unformedness, Surrender, and Trust. We must surrender control to trust the deep intelligence of life that we already are. The cultivation of gratitude is a key to bring us to a direct understanding and relationship with the Unformed.”  -- Ruth Gould-Goodman

La Madre Yoga is a practice which deconstructs movement and breath to truly embody consciousness. 
Most of us have been taught to resist and deny our own unformed and undefined parts, which impedes our capacity to creatively problem solve. La Madre Yoga teaches us to instead dance and sing from that portal. It releases our creativity from any agenda or need to package and look a certain way. Through the feedback loop of the expressive capacity of the body, we learn to make friends with our own unformed parts. Through dancing and singing and speaking what is arising through us, we learn to trust the exquisite intelligence of life itself. We learn to relax, enjoy, and allow ourselves to ‘be’ instead of always trying to make ourselves happen.

La Madre Yoga’s main focus is the relationship between “I am breathing" and "I am being breathed.” It is a practice that aligns our consciousness with the birthing place, the psychic membrane where the vast potential of the dark unformed universe distills into form in the physical universe of our body. La Madre Yoga teaches us to hold open the portal to the deep water of the infinite creative potential of the universe. We become familiar with navigating in relationship with the dark negative aspect of the quantum state.

La Madre Yoga thereby cultivates a relationship with the depth of our feminine nature, empowering us to open to life force energy as we ground its vitality through our body. In fact, all qualities of physical expression are utilized to invite the formless to come into form. La Madre uses dance, the voice, and tonal and spoken word to give present moment form to the birthing of our creative process.